We supply our own range of quality cooking oils direct to your kitchen at prices you can trust.


    When you've finished with your cooking oil, we collect your used oil as often as you require and take it for recycling in our purpose built refinery.


    All the used oil we collect is recycled locally. Our purpose built refinery is located in the heart of the South West, on the Cornwall/ Devon border.

UCO Collection

Oilmasters manages your used cooking oil collection for your convenience. 

  • All members of the Oilmasters Group are fully ISCC certified. We also make sure that all onward recycling is carried our through ISCC approved organisations. 
  • Oilmasters Group collects your waste cooking oil on a regular basis . 
  • Your oil is then taken to our purpose built processing plant on the Cornwall / Devon border. This is where we refine the waste oil before it’s made into biofuel. 
  • The Law now states that used cooking oil needs to be disposed of responsibly. All of our collectors are fully licenced, certified and insured to do so. Holding waste carriers licences and providing waste transfer notes.